Concessionary Travel Information


  • Available to eligible older and disabled people
  • Entitles you to free travel on local bus services after 09:30 weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday
  • In Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland and Stockton, you are required to pay a flat fare of 30p for journeys originating within these local authorities areas BEFORE 09:30
  • In Darlington, you are required to pay the standard adult fare for journeys originating in the authority BEFORE 09:30
  • On Arriva, Go North East & Stagecoach buses, you no longer need to show your pass to the driver. Simply place the card on the ticket machine (and pay the fare where appropriate) and it will automatically issue your ticket
  • On all other buses you’ll still need to show your pass to the driver 



How do I use my bus pass?

If you are travelling on Arriva, Go North East or Stagecoach follow these simple instructions:

  • Place the card on the reader face up and keep it there until the ticket prints
  • Remove you card and take your ticket
  • Please don’t slide your card across the reader otherwise the machine won’t be able to read your card
If you are travelling on any other bus, just show your pass to the driver.

If my bus pass doesn’t work, will I still be able to travel?

Yes, unless the pass you are using has been reported as lost or stolen. If there is another problem with your pass, you can still obtain concessionary travel.

What do I need to do if my pass doesn’t work?

If the problem has arisen because your pass is faulty, then the issuing authority will issue you with a replacement pass free of charge. You will still be allowed to travel but it is important that a replacement pass is ordered for you straight away. You will keep the faulty pass until the replacement arrives.

When your new pass is delivered, the old faulty pass will need to be either posted back to your issuing authority or handed in at a designated office or library. The old pass can then be sent for testing to find out why it hasn’t worked.

If a faulty pass is repeatedly used over a period of time and the issuing authority has not been contacted for a replacement pass, then the faulty card will be hotlisted to prevent its further use.

REMEMBER: Only the council that issued you with the faulty pass can order a replacement.
If your pass doesn’t work because it has been reported lost or stolen to your issuing authority, or it has expired, you will have to pay the normal full adult fare to travel.


To apply for a concessionary bus pass, report a lost or stolen card, order a replacement, or speak about your eligibility, please contact your local
authority hotline:

Darlington: 01325 405222
Hartlepool: 01429 523331
Middlesbrough: 01642 726053
Redcar & Cleveland: 01642 444973
Stockton-on-Tees: 01642 528499

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