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Health - Inactivity is one of the biggest causes of mortality in the UK, linked with many diseases and illnesses such as Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, Strokes, Type 2 Diabetes and Cancer to name a few. Cycling is a great way to meet the recommended 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week for adults (5 hours for 5-18 year olds), is a low impact activity, suitable for people with joint and other health problems.

Cycling releases endorphins in the body (a feel good hormone), and people who undertake activity are generally less susceptible to illness and taking time off work. Incorporating physical activity into your commute is an easy way to improve your health.

Transport/cost - Cycling is cheaper than using a car or public transport,  it is also more consistent and often quicker! Vehicles get caught in traffic jams, cycles can by pass traffic, and often have dedicated infrastructure to assist them.

Bikes require no insurance to use on the road, MOT or fuel. They are typically very cheap to purchase (compared with a vehicle) and require little money to maintain them. See the maintenance section for more information.

Parking a bike is free and easy, with cycle parking facilities all over the Tees Valley, including (Middlesbrough Cycle Centre and Stockton Hub).

Environment - With no direct emissions, cycling is one of greenest forms of transport on the road. Cycle safe in the knowledge that you are not contributing toward global warming, localised air pollution or other environmentally degrading problems.

Vital Statistics

The Costs to the Economy (1) £17 billion could be saved by in NHS costs by an increase in cycling and walking over a 20 year period. £1.2 billion.

The costs to the individual (2) By bike 15.8p per mile (UGTC calculator) By Car 55.7p per mile (RAC report)

The cost of petrol to drive 1,000 miles £197.77 The cost of feeding a cyclist to cycle 1,000 miles £51.43

The costs to the environment (3) 21g/km CO2 emissions for a bike 271g/km CO2 emissions for a car

See here for more interesting facts

Refrences (1) Planning for Active Travel Darlington Conference - 20th May 2015. Public Health England. (2) The Ultimate Guide to cycling - summer 2015 (3) The Ultimate Guide to cycling - summer 2015 from the European Cyclists Federation. The CO2 costs take account of the CO2 emitted when building a bike.

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